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Industry News

Small businesspeople are the last people who should give up on direct mail.

Direct mail is supposed to be a dying medium, and perhaps it is in slow terminal decline, but until they actually lay off all the postal workers and eliminate the service, small businesses must continue to test that communication channel as a primary method to mine local prospects.

Consumers Continue to Favor Offline Ads

The 2012 AdReaction study, focusing on consumer opinions and perceptions of advertising, finds that even in this digital-centric climate, U.S. consumers are likely to view offline media ads most favorably... magazine ads (41%) and newspaper ads (40%).

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There are lots of marketing companies, website designers and call tracking services, but here is how we differ from the competition.

Customer Service

MCG Marketing understands that each business is unique. We train our employees to listen and understand our clients' individual needs. We research your company, your competitors, and create a custom marketing campaign to fit your needs.


With over 30 years of professional marketing experience, we know the importance that quality of service plays in business. To us, our quality is a part of everything; from customer service, quality of design, to promptness of response, and of course, results.


At every business the bottom line is always important, afterall that's what business is about. MCG Marketing has a suite of marketing services, programs and tools to help you get the best ROI with tiered programs, customized to suit your needs and budget.

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