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You know you need to market your company in order for it to grow. How to do that is the big question. We have more than 30 years experience to draw from in order to help you accomplish your goals.

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MCG Marketing will help you every step of the way to plan your next marketing effort.

The Big Picture Is Achievable

What your marketing materials say to your clients should be the same across the board. Whether they see you in print or on the web, a potential client should immediately recognize your company and know what you do. If you can achieve this, you will undoubtedly have greater return on investment simply because your brand has been established in their minds.

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Measure the success of each marketing effort with in-depth analytics.

Track Everything

We have the tools to collectively track virtually all of your marketing efforts, including how your team represents you in the field. A program can be designed and implemented with your unique position in mind. From there, staff can be trained, or retrained, to promote the specific message you want broadcast.

Stay Informed On The Competition

Want to know what your competitors are doing? We can tell you. MCG Marketing has the means to research each of your competitors and discover what makes them tick. We can tell you where they buy ads and how often, as well as what their top product promotion is at the moment. A number of resources are available to discover these facets. Why is this important to your business? It lets you know where you stand in the marketplace. Our research will propel you into the number one position!

Analyze Your Sales System

If you look at something too long, you begin to miss, or gloss over, important parts of the whole. The same is true for your company’s selling system. Every company would benefit from an outsider’s view and analysis of its sales process. This can be achieved through surveys of past customers, both those who bought and those who didn’t. This data is an important part of improving your sales team’s close ratio, as well as gaining repeat and referral business.

We understand you may be too busy to create an in-depth strategic plan for your company. Most business owners are. That’s where we can lighten your load. Let MCG Marketing help you take your business higher and farther than you ever thought possible.

eMagazines as Company or Product Brochures

An eMagazine may be your most versatile tool for getting all your information across quickly and concisely. What is an eMagazine? It’s a digital brochure that opens like a magazine on a computer, even allowing the reader to turn pages with the click of a mouse. The eMag will be carefully prepared based on your industry and your specific company. Imagine an introduction on meeting your contractor, followed by pages explaining the latest industry trends, new products, company news, portfolios of work, or budgeting options. Lastly, your eMag would feature an entire spread describing the benefits of your company. The uses for this piece are endless. Link it to your website as content or part of a PPC campaign, send it as part of a prospecting email or one to past customers, print the magazine and mail it out, or take it to trade shows. I think you get the idea. MCG Marketing will take your idea and create exactly the piece you need. Call us to get started today.


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  • Digital & print synergy packages
  • Complete tracking & analysis programs designed & implemented
  • Consulting packages for sales & marketing designed to separate you from competitors
  • Sales system analysis combined with branding & sales support materials
  • Strategic business plan development

Here's what other customers are asking...

  • How will your marketing services help me improve my business?
  • Great businesses understand the need to make themselves different and better than all competitors. We help identify and capitalize on your company’s unique features.
  • How much do marketing services cost?
  • It depends on the size and scope of the project. We have some basic packages, but most companies will benefit from long-term, reasonably priced relationships. Initial conversations about your marketing plan are always free.
  • How will I know if my marketing plan is working?
  • You can’t improve what you don’t measure and analyze. We have the software and products that allow you to see what works and what doesn’t.

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